Women's Aetrex L2300 Premium Memory Foam Med/High Arch Orthotics

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Aetrex L2300 Premium Memory Foam Orthotics are designed to provide ultimate comfort and cushioning. With 43% more memory foam in the forefoot for those experiencing foot discomfort or fatigue. This orthotic features our signature Aetrex Arch Support to help biomechanically align your body & help prevent common foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain and Metatarsalgia.

Neutral ForefootCupped Rearfoot

L2300 – Neutral orthotic option. Great for an average arch type or if you are unsure which customized orthotic to try. Featuring a cupped heel to cushion and stabilize the back-of-foot.


  • The most memory foam of any orthotic we sell
  • Top Cover Material: CopperGuard® antimicrobial lining and microfiber for comfort
  • Center Cushioning Material: lQl50™ Memory Foam for superior cushioning
  • Performance Base: Aerocell™ polyurethane for high energy return
  • Insole Thickness: .25″ overall with 43% more memory foam in the forefoot
  • Recommended for: Walkers, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Chefs and those who are on their feet often
  • Best for: Everyday causal shoes

Aetrex Orthotic System

Aetrex Signature Arch: Offering support where you need it most. Strategically places the arch support further back. This biomechanically aligns the body and help prevent common injuries and pains.

Anti-Microbial: A material used in the lining of the foot bed. This helps prevent bacteria, fungi and odor to create a healthy foot environment in your shoes.

Memory Foam: A material meant to cushion and conform to your foot. This helps to evenly distribute weight and providing ultimate comfort.

Forefoot Cushion: Provides extra cushioning, where you need it most, to help alleviate forefoot discomfort.

Recommended For

  • Arch Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • High In-step
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Pregnancy


Aetrex recommends spot cleaning with a clear mild soap and a damp cloth, then allow the product to air dry naturally. You should not submerge the product in water. It is not recommended to place the product in a washing or drying machine.

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