We are almost unique in Chicagoland in the services we offer. Our salespeople spend one-on-one time with you for as long as you need to find what you need to be comfortable, because you spend a lot of your life on your feet. Taking proper care of them is important.


We’ve Got Over 100 Years of Experience

Everyone, ourselves included, loves the convenience and ease of internet shopping or the big box chains. The problem is, the big box and department stores have stopped taking care of their customers with proper service and certainly no longer care about getting a proper fit. Waxberg's is proud to be one of the few stores left that takes the time to sit and fit. We properly measure both your feet sitting and standing, we also assess your foot shape and arch type. We can then make recommendations based on our conclusions. Ever since being established in 1919, our company has continued to grow, in knowledge as well as size. The hands-on experience possessed by our staff is second to none. At Waxberg's we would rather not make a sale, then let you walk out with something we feel is not right for you.

To give you the best fit, we try to keep our stock of shoes in every available size and width. In addition to that, we stock many other things related to your comfort and shoe longevity. We carry many different types of over the counter orthotics (or inserts) and gel or moleskin accommodative foot products in order to alleviate pressure or pain. To preserve your footwear, we carry many things such as mink oil, suede renew, water & stain protector, polish, leather conditioner, Venetian Cream (hard to find, but very useful), snow seal, and more!


Brannock Device

Some of you may remember going to a shoe store back in the day and using one of these. It is harder to find these days, but it is the first thing we go to here at Waxberg's.



As our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible, a proper fit is a key factor. At Waxberg's the last comes first. A 'last' is the wood or plastic model on which a shoe is manufactured. There are many types of lasts for different arch types and foot shapes that people have. We strive to fit and educate our customers on the type of last that will best suit their individual foot shape. Better last selection means better fit and more comfort.

All of our staff will spend as long as you need to ensure that you can walk out happy. In order to do so, we stock thousands of shoes, boots, sandals, and slippers in almost every size and width. Our widths range from very narrow (4A) to extremely wide (6E), and some brands we stock can do more. As we work with you, we'll listen to your feedback and give all the advice that our experience can offer.


With 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments every foot is a very complicated thing. Examining any person's gait and biomechanics can be a difficult task, but our staff has devoted much of their time to learning exactly these things. For example, if we see that you are over or under pronating we can determine if you need a neutral cushioning shoe or a motion control shoe..


We have a fully stocked in-house lab where we do all shoe modifications. Everything from building up a shoe to accommodate a leg length discrepancy to spreading a sole to fit a specific foot shape or a brace is done here. No job is too small, we even adjust straps to fit a specific foot shape in order for our customer to leave the store satisfied.

Our shoe technicians are some of the best in the field (with more years of experience than they care to admit) and are completely driven by attention to detail. We stand by their work 100% and are very certain that you will be completely satisfied with our quality.

Stretching & Padding

If you have issues with your shoes fitting poorly in certain areas (very commonplace), there are often steps that can be taken to adjust them to make you much more comfortable. Stretching is a free service that we offer; you can leave your shoes with us for a few days and we will use stretching solution and stretch any area needed. That can be as precise as a dime-sized area giving you discomfort, or as broad as the whole toe box.

When your shoes are too loose in certain areas we can help with that as well. We have a wide variety of pads or cushions in a number of shapes and materials that can be affixed to your shoes to ensure more comfort.