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      Kizik footwear has transformed the shoe-wearing experience with its innovative design. Known for their seamless blend of comfort and convenience, Kizik shoes proves a hands-free way to slip into your shoes. Thanks to their advanced Foot Activated Shoe technology (F.A.S.T.), stepping into and out of your shoes is simpler than ever, without the hassle of laces or straps.

      Each Kizik pair is meticulously designed for supreme comfort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable walk. The perfect mix of functionality and style makes Kizik the go-to choice for those who value both convenience and style. 

      Discover the unparalleled comfort and simplicity of Kizik shoes. Whether you're looking for laid-back slip-ons or trendy sneakers, Kizik has a variety of designs to meet every preference and occassion. Waxberg's Walk Shoppe is excited to feature a handpicked selection of our top Kizik models including the Milan, Lima, Irvine, and Athens.  

      10 products

      10 products