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      About Arcopedico

      Creators of the original knit shoe, Arcopedico prides itself on two design features: a “barefoot” upper and metal-free twin arch-support soles. The knit upper adjusts to the shape of your foot, creating all-day comfort and circulation—so much so that Arcopedico’s classic knit line has been nicknamed “Shocks”, or shoes that feel as comfortable as socks! The supportive arches protect your arch and properly distribute your weight throughout your foot. Arcopedico knit shoes are also machine-washable and have built in antibacterial SanSmell™ technology.

      Everyone’s feet are unique, and that’s why Waxberg's loves carrying Arcopedico’s knit shoes! Flexible without compromising support, Arcopedico is a great brand for those looking for a shoe that feels custom-made for their feet.