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Ziera Women's Urban Navy Camo

  • Featuring an adjustable strap and streamlined design, this sneaker combines all the best features of the athleisure trend.
    - Adjustable strap: Adjustable strap An adjustable strap helps customise the fit for your foot
    - Flexible stretch uppers: Made from woven fabrics, the stretch upper materials indulge your feet
    - Lightweight: Lightweight sole materials are used to create a light shoe that will provide all day comfort
    - Orthotic-friendly: A removable footbed for when you need a little extra support - you can add to ours or replace with your own
    - Vegan-friendly footwear: This style is completely free of animal-products/derivatives
    - Your Feet, Your Fit: Our XF & FF styles include forefoot inserts so that you can tailor your fit to allow for more or less room by swapping or removing them for each shoe