Footpetals Technogel® Tip Toes Flipflop Cushioned Ball of Foot

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Don’t let uncomfortable flip flops ruin your latest look. The Footpetals Technogel® Tip Toes Flipflop Cushioned Ball of the Foot cushions feature a unique crest designed to reduce pressure on your toes. Reusable from sandal to sandal, they’re a must for all your favorite styles.


  • One pair of ball-of-foot gel cushions
  • Keeps feet from sliding forward
  • Built-in toe crest reduces pressure on toes
  • Reusable from shoe to shoe

About the Technology

This patented, revolutionary gel is like no other. Its 3-dimensional shock absorption reduces stress on pressure points to provide superior comfort with every step. These virtually invisible cushions contour to your feet and provide long lasting cushioning that never goes flat…guaranteed!

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