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About Hoka

Since 2010, HOKA shoes have been designed for everyone to feel like they can fly. HOKA makes shoes specially for runners, and are 15% lighter and has 50% more cushioning than standard athletic shoes. HOKA’s goals are to inspire people to get out there and move. They want to inspire runners, walkers, and athletes from all over to move forward with purpose and passion. HOKA thinks outside the box, and crafts bold, innovative new solutions for every type athlete. HOKA believes as long as you enjoy movement, you are an athlete.

Wearing HOKA is a truly one-of-a-kind feeling. Enhanced cushioning provides a unique ride: one designed to be smooth, soft and efficient. Waxberg's loves empowering people to feel their best self and make movement more fun and comfortable, so providing HOKA as an option will do just that.