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We are a third generation family store and have been in business since 1919. As you can see in the news article to the right, Isaac Waxberg (the current owner's grandfather) had his roots as cobbler in Germany before moving to Chicago and opening what has now become Waxberg's Walk Shoppe.

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Ron Waxberg

R. "Frank" Franklin

Bert Pearlman




Ron Waxberg has been involved with the shoe business since he was 15 years old and president of Waxbergs since 1986. His education as a pedorthist started at Ball State University in 1981 where he was certified. His knowledge of the pedorthic field has been greatly enhanced by many of the area foot and ankle physicians he has worked with over the past 30 years as part of their patient care teams.

A relative newcomer to the comfort shoe business, Frank is certainly no stranger to retail as a whole. Frank has customer service experience for well over 25 years. He has enjoyed working with all of the loyal Waxberg's clients for the past two years and is looking forward to the future.

Bert has been in retail sales almost all of his adult life. His roots were a small family business, which has made him realize the importance of good customer service. Equally important, he brings passion with him every day to help find the right fit for everybody.

Chuck Durante

George Kondiles

Ed Grousnick

Licensed & Certified Pedorthist

Licensed & Certified Pedorthist

Certified Pedorthist/OST & IT

Chuck Durante (Orthopaedic Shoe Technician), has 30 years experience as an OST. His specialty is in assessing and improving gait through a means of shoe modifications and/or orthotics and proper shoes. He is an extremely competent shoe fitter and has previously taught at NPS in Milwaukee, WI for eleven years. He is also a State Licensed Pedorthist.

George Kondiles started working with shoes as a youngster when he assisted his father in the family shoe repair store. After graduating from college, George became a Certified Orthopedic Technician. George continued his journey in pedorthic education completing classes at Northwestern University and becoming a Certified Pedorthist in 1995. George now continues as an Adjunct educator at Northwestern University.

In 1984, Ed fell into the shoe industry ‘temporarily’ while seeking employment elsewhere. He enjoyed the creativity involved and since then has been involved in some aspect of the shoe industry, as well as owning two businesses. Ed received his pedorthic education at Northwestern, but accredits a majority of his education to those he has met and worked with.

Scott Franken

Stew Caisman

Irwin Berkowitz


A mystery wrapped in an enigma shrouded in secrecy wrapped in a chalupa.

Stew has been in the specialty shoe business for the past twenty years. His main focus is, and always has been, finding the proper shoes for your unique feet. Comfort and support given with style is Stew's priority.

Prior to joining us in 2009, Irwin was with Nordstrom for 15 years (although has been selling shoes since 1971). He brought with him all his fashion savvy as well as his shoe fitting experience. The self-proclaimed 'shoe psychologist' strives to make the shoe fitting experience very therapeutic.