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“If you are used to a store with trendy shoes and a salesman who'll just bring out what you ask for and wait on several customers at once (or let you buy shoes that don't fit or will cause pain), go to a department store. [At Waxberg's] each salesperson works with one customer at a time, ensuring that the shoes fit the customer's needs. They will not sell you a shoe that's bad for your foot because then if it hurts down the line, they and not the customer will be blamed. If the salesman refuses to show you the shoe you request, either they don't have it in your size or more likely it's wrong for your feet. Problem feet require intense attention, often custom-modifying shoes by trial and error to make sure they not only fit but solve your foot problem. Waxberg's cares more about your feet than about your taste and busy schedule. They have clients, not mere customers."

Sandy Andina sandyandina.com

“Wow~I have been shopping at Waxbergs for years and am still amazed at the quality of their shoes, knowledge of precise fitting, professionalism of staff, and extraordinary willingness to accommodate each customer. This is the best shoe store on the planet!”

Katherine A (Yelp)

“After suffering with dorsal bone spurs in my feet for several years and thinking I just had to suck it up with ill-fitting shoes and lots of costly trips to the shoe store, I've found relief at last! Dawn, a pedorthist who consults at Northwestern Orthopedic Institute, let me in on a little secret: Waxberg's Walk Shoppe.”

Joanne L (Yelp)

“This place has great service. I took my mother to Waxbergs to find shoes that would comfortably fit her newly prescribed orthotics. She has been trying to recover from a fall she took a few years ago and nothing has seemed to work. The employees take their time and are very informative. Hopefully, she will be on her way to pain free walking soon!”

Vanessa R (Yelp)